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When people want to raise their home’s market value, the first thing they do is focus on things like or interior remodeling. Maybe they add an extra room, new furniture, or even a pool.

While all of those examples will certainly help make the price of your home higher, you might be missing a key factor. The exterior of a house is the first thing people see when they drive down the street.

So, if your home looks dirty and unkempt, interior decorating will only go so far. That’s why you should consider routine power washing.

Not only will this clean your home, but it comes with several other added benefits. To find out what they are, continue reading this article. 

What Is Power Washing?

When you hire a service to come out and wash your house, they will do so by using a machine that shoots high-pressure water. Usually, the water ejects at around 30,000 psi so that it has enough force to remove things like old paint, dirt, and dust from the surface of your home’s exterior.

Some areas to get power washed include:
-Brick walkways
-House siding

You would be surprised to know all of the other items you can power wash. You can wash furniture, wash a car, and even yard tools! That said, it may be tempting to power wash all of these items on your own.

However, there are several safety risks to turning this into a DIY project. For the best results and your safety, always be sure to hire a power washing service to come out and do the job for you. They know all of the safety protocols, how to prevent damage while power washing, and how to clean your house in the best way possible. 

1. Keeps Harmful Build-Up Away

When you first bought your property, it probably looked brand new. Maybe it was brand new. Everything was bright and clean back then. But over the years, the exterior tends to take damage from outdoor conditions like the weather.

Things like dirt, dust, and grime will build up. If you don’t handle those issues as they arise, then that dirt will pack on top of itself. That does not make for an attractive appearance.

Power washing services will come out and blast that residue away in a matter of minutes. You should also think about your roof. Many people overlook this feature, which leads to grime build-up that causes decay of the shingles and siding.

That will lead to other issues like leaking. Regular roof power washing will help you preserve the materials and lengthen your roof’s lifespan. It will also save you time and money from having to pay for roof repairs down the road. 

2. Keeps Gutters Clean

When you have a power washing professional come out to your home, ask them to wash your gutters. Yes, you can power wash your gutters. It is one of the best ways to keep them functional.

When your gutters clog with leaves, dirt, and other things, then they will not allow water to flow through them. That could cause a backup when it rains.

The water would then seep down into your walls, and you would have to pay for those costly repairs. Power washing will unclog your gutters and maintain them. That way, you do not have to clean them as often, and they will remain clear.

3. Keeps Your Family Healthy

Your house is not only subject to dirt and grime. Mold can grow on the exterior, as well. You must understand the different types of mold and how they can harm you, your family, and even your pets.

If you suspect mold growing on or around your home, do not hesitate to hire a power washing company to come out and handle the problem. You do not want to allow mold to spread.

Otherwise, health issues may arise. That is especially true for anyone with respiratory problems.

Power washing will also help keep you healthy by removing any potential allergens like pollen that cling to your home’s surface. If it is allergy season, washing your home may be the best solution to keeping the sniffles away. 

4. Helps Spot Other Issues

Power washing your home provides an opportunity to spot other issues with your home. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, you should be on the lookout for any damage to areas like your roof.

If there are maintenance issues that go unnoticed, you will spot them during this process. Be sure to make a list of what you need to fix around the outside of your house.

5. Helps Raise Curb Appeal

If someone is driving down the street looking for a house to buy, they will want one that looks well managed. No one wants a property with faded or dirty paint, dull sidewalks, and dirty fences.

If you have been thinking about putting your house on the market, you will need to boost your home’s appearance. Not only will this make it more attractive to potential buyers, but it might even raise the value of your house.

The best part about power washing is it is an affordable maintenance solution. Not only that, but it is also a quick process.

In a day, your house’s aesthetic will go from drab and dreary to sparkly clean. If you do that, you can spend more time focusing on other things to fix before selling your property. 

Hire a Power Washing Company

As you can tell, there are several benefits to power washing your house. It will clean the exterior until it looks brand new again. Not to mention that the process helps keep you and your family safe from any unhealthy allergens or pollutants.

We hope this article helps you understand how power washing can help you and your home. At Baker Home Solutions, we offer full-service power washing to ensure your home looks as clean as possible. If you live in Maryland and require our services, please feel free to contact us today.