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The most popular remodeling project of 2020 was bathroom remodels. The average cost of remodeling your bathroom is around $9,000, but this number can fluctuate on the scale of the renovation and your bathroom remodel ideas. 

Bathroom remodeling can be a fun and exciting project that brings functionality and interior design together. Additionally, renovating a bathroom doesn’t necessarily entail tearing out a shower or bulldozing a wall. 

There are plenty of modern, timeless, and eye-catching bathroom designs out there for any household. If you have an interest in learning more about bathroom remodel ideas, then keep reading on.

1. Small Bathroom, Big Ideas

One of the largest complaints people have about their bathroom is that it is too small. You could opt for a full interior remodel that looks at electrical, plumbing, framing, and more. A full remodel would include consulting with a contractor about ideas for tile, countertops, showers, and lighting. 

You could also opt for a small bathroom remodel by using minor changes that will make a world of difference. First, look at your mirrors and lighting. If possible, try to add more natural lighting to your bathroom.

Another option is adding a larger mirror. If you can – try and choose one that does not have a frame on it. This simple trick can make your bathroom seem bigger than it actually is. 

2. Decorations Matter

If you are someone who deals with a small bathroom, then be extremely particular about the decorations you choose to keep. Clutter can make your small bathroom seem even more cramped or make a large bathroom look uninviting.

In most scenarios, you will create an illusion of more space by eliminating unnecessary or excessive amounts of decoration. Instead, opt for a simple, functional, and clean look.

3. Muted Colors

Repainting your bathroom may seem like a simple solution for a bathroom remodel, but it can be a difference-maker. When you are shopping for colors, choose light or muted tones for your bathroom walls.

Also, get rid of your crown molding. If you don’t want to get rid of your crown molding, then paint it the same color as your walls so that you don’t receive a sharp contrast between the two. Harsh lines and contrasts serve to make your bathroom appear even smaller. 

If you have a larger bathroom and want to give it a modern splash, then you can choose colors within the pastel range. Pastel colors that are currently trending for bathrooms are rose, blue, and green. 

You can never go wrong with a simple white look and adding a splash of color with decorations, tile, or towels.

4. Don’t Forget The Floors

When choosing the type of flooring for your bathroom, you want to go with something that is classy but doesn’t draw too much attention. If you have exuberant colors, then it is likely a person’s interest is going straight to the floor versus the wide-open and beautiful space you have set up in front of them. 

If the rest of your home has hardwood, you might consider switching your old tiles out for a more uniform look. Just make sure you have your wood floors sealed so that water doesn’t seep in and ruin them. 

If you don’t want hardwood, then tiled floors look great when you mix and match sizes or go with smaller designs. Don’t be afraid to branch out with small, mosaic tiles to create a unique and modern look.

5. Double Vanity

If you share a bathroom, then upgrading your single vanity to a double vanity might be worth it for you. While it will cost more upfront for tearing down your old vanity and installing an additional sink, you will save time and space in the long run.

Single vanities often include more counter space unless you have a larger bathroom. However, that counter space is often taken up with other bathroom items when you share your bathroom with someone else. 

Smaller bathrooms can still have designs that include a double vanity as well; not only is this a smart choice for helping to save time when getting ready in the morning, but it also increases your home’s value. 

Two sinks create a greater curb appeal if you are looking at selling your house down the road. 

6. Change Out Your Light Fixtures

Lights are important in how your bathroom feels to you and your guests. Whenever possible, try and add more natural light to the room. However, if you don’t have natural light, then make sure you aren’t blinding your guests with lights every time they turn on the light switch. 

In fact, some bathrooms are even incorporating a light dimmer switch that allows people to adjust the brightness to their desired level. If you want something that is modern and provides more aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, then you could choose to add backlighting around your mirror. 

Otherwise, make sure that you are sticking with function and design – you want your lights in an area that people use such as the shower, mirror, or toilet.

7. Upgrading Your Shower

Showers are a game-changer when it comes to bathrooms. Your bathroom remodel cost may be higher by focusing your efforts on reconstructing your shower, but it can add value to your home. Keep in mind – when you list your house, a shower without a bathtub is considered a three-quarter bath. 

If you have the opportunity, then you should look at switching out your curtain shower for either a modern glass door or a walk-in shower

Also, if you don’t ever use your bathtub, a bathroom remodeler may suggest removing it altogether. Another option is incorporating a bathtub that is separate from your shower. Make sure the two styles don’t clash, but it can provide a level of elegance to a normally drab bathroom.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

There are plenty of modern and classy designs for bathroom remodel ideas. When in doubt, keep your designs, fixtures, and decorations geared towards a minimalistic approach.

Sometimes, less is more, and having a bathroom that looks clean and elegant will increase your home’s curb appeal. If you have an interest in remodeling your bathroom, then contact us today and let one of our contractors help you with all your bathroom remodeling plans.